There are many variations for these two lenses and they say the last produced where the better ones!

I have a very late 1.8 (one of the latest produced, with multicoating) and a quite late, but not one of the latest, 1.4. My 1.4 SN is 901xxx, while the newer (and they say even sharper) 1.4s are >

1.8 infos:,8/50_mm

1.4 infos:,4/50_mm

Why should you buy one of these lenses? For the cheap price and shallow depth of field of course! Maybe as portrait lenses on an APS-C camera (around 80mm FOV in 35mm format). So I’ll try them mainly at wide apertures!

All the tests were made more times, on a tripod, cable release and thoroughly focusing! So you can trust your eyes here!

They are both rather “soft” at max aperture, comparable results, but when stopped down just one stop the 1.4 is already quite sharp! Here are 100% crops:

Here another shot:

The 1.4 @f2 is remarkably sharper, I assure you I did more than one test and the 1.8 was perfectly focused! And again, I think one buys and uses one of these manual lenses for sharpnes and shallow depth of field, if you wanted all in focus you could sure use the 18.55 kit @50mm...!

Another thing I noticed, the blurred background seems equally blurred! And if you look closer the 1.4 background is even more buttery than the 1.8 one, even if it is @f2! Look at the buttons of the TV remote below...! More nervous on the 1.8!

One last sharpness test, both lenses @2.8, 100% crop:

Here the situation is similar... the 1.4 is slightly sharper, but just by a little...!

I don’t have pictures here but I tried the 1.4 @f4 vs the Fuji 18-55 @50mmf4, which is a super-good performer lens, and the result is almost identical, both for color and sharpnes!

So to conclude it is a lot of fun tho shoot with a light, sharp, cheap and fast 50mm on a mirrorless camera like the amazing X-E1!

And I’d say the 1.4 is absolutely worth the extra money over the 1.8! What a nice lens! If I’ll ever find a > SN 1.4 I’ll sure buy it and update the test!

BTW: I’m using a chinese Pixco adapter and it works just fine, very tight mount both on the camera and on the lens side! Payed 13 euros shipped! Here in italy they ask you up to more than 100 € for the same piece of metal!

Hope you enjoyed my test and use it to choose one of these lenses and have fun taking pictures!

If you have any doubt/question, feel free to ask here:

Since mirrorless cameras came out the fever of adapting legacy lensen has grown hi... especially if you have a camera with a good EVF thant can tremendously help you on the manual focusing process!

Some old glasses are small and sharp! That is especially true for Olympus OM lenses!

Here I will post a brief review of two very popular Olympus OM lenses: the 50mm 1.8 and the faster 1.4! As now (2013) prices in Europe are around 70 € for a very good condition 1.8 and around 100 € for a very good condition 1.4!

So I decided to buy both and try them on my Fujifilm X-E1. This is an APS-C sensor camera, so the test is good for every similar mirrorless (sony nex, ecc ) or reflex camera (Canon 500D, 60D, ecc)!








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